Ted Talk

In this intimate evening event, we’ll have the opportunity to meet several extra-ordinary individuals, who have each gained access to things well outside the reach of most people. They will discuss the ways they have been able to create their businesses, unique challenges they faced along the way, and valuable lessons that we might carry into our own endeavors. The inimitable Galinsky, and master tabla artist Deep Singh, will wrap it all up in a way you’ll never forget.


Lin Evola – A painter and sculptor who uses real firearms and nuclear weapons, obtained through unusual behind-the-scenes methods, and transforms them to bring joy and to promote peace.

Joseph Lipton – Creator of a new form of currency secured by diamonds, and using technology to protect against money laundering and tax evasion, this founder has effectively invented a “$250,000 bill”.

Matthew A. Swift – Co-Founder of the Concordia Summit, he has gained access to Heads of State by fostering some of the world’s highest-level conversations about public-private partnerships.

Amy Sacco – The owner of nightclub “Bungalow 8”, and others famed for having a “tough door”, will talk about running one of the few businesses in the world that’s known for turning away customers.

Roderick Wolgamott – Architect and builder of the world’s most elaborate tree houses, his clientele includes many celebrities and his whimsical naturalist creations often cost more than the average American home.

Robert Galinsky – Street Poet and unofficial “Mayor of the East Village”, Galinsky will close the event with an mashup of the evening’s presentations, along with Deep Singh.

Special thanks to master Tabla Musician Deep Singh for bringing his skills to the evening:

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